been a long time...

winter is nearly over ... and i might end up finally living in a house again with an internet connection ,, instead of having to come to the bar for it, which always means beers and stupid emails sent that you really shouldn't after 10 pints ..

spring also means getting back to the bike, which i am definitely missing now the sun is here in the alps .. plus the snow / sun / snow days so maybe better not to be stuck on bike in that?! although the beauty of bikes is to have someone offer to let you ride their harley anytime so it gets a ride out, seriously, dude who runs the shop here where we get the pain au chocs from has a harley who he's happy to 'loan me' anytime?!

been dj'ing and making music too .. bought myself a new mac / numark stealth control .. played a few gigs and rocking a party is cool .. xoxox

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