oh dude feeling it now...500 miles from around 10ish sat morning...up to the NSRA drags to see everyone...Flywheel Crew were already enjoying the hops n barley!...Benny was pissed but fk me sorted my 'sticking clutch lever' in no time.."you need to oil it?!?!" - ah?!...few squirts of wd40 and head low i promised to get some 3in1 asap...oh yeah and then Zippy paying me out for my "all weather riding gear" - more later dude i'm a convert now...really wanted to just get on it but also wanted to make at least one bike show this summer...thanks steve for throwing in tent...to all the lads in kent lets ride before winter packs me off to snowy mountains...so couple of hours looking about NSRA (pics to follow) and back on bike...had to be out by 8pm to get 12 quid back...by now already happily been riding 5 n a bit hours...would be a lot less but with a frisco'd tank and mid mount tap i can only ride 40 miles before needing to fill up..at least this time i didn't carry a litre n half in an evian bottle...first up before leaving no back light?! what the?.. luckily got a spare from a guy wh'd just ridden in..legend!..it was on...homeward bound at about 7.30 happy days...my 9.99 rain suit from bnq got its outing just before london..rain was coming it was 10ish and no way was i going around m25 - a205 all the way...those rain pants work really well except when you got a hole ripping thru crutch..nice..and vans on..no not the leather ones the other ones..raining harder, traffic everywhere pissed people girls in short skirts oh how i wanted to stop and call it beer time..it got worse..so onto a2 and the heavens opened..not like a bit like a tsunami!! seriously thought at that point i might be pushing it a little far..11ish bitchslapping rain clear sunnies fogging and the nice little hd summer gloves loving the autumn rain..made it thru tho till rain lets up all good coffee n twix at next stop...thinking "only 50 miles or so sweet" the tester - high beam bulb blows..like it couldn't get much worse..so now it isn't too bad you know cause M2 all overlit..till A2..oh dude, foggy sunnies can't see shit...and full on autumn foggy night dropping visibility like a prom queens knickers...slow and hardwork...from in front when headlights hitting me, knowing the big trucks rolling Doverbound can't see me from behind and with low beam only moving at about 30 mph..!?..was the best tho 5 miles from home when i realised how cool whoever the dude is who invented white lines at the side of the road..i still had to stop at least 3 times cause in the fog low beam b road had no idea where i was - and then home! 11 hours in the saddle bike in the front room dripping wet and 1.15am with a cup of tea..oh yeah and then up at 8am to wash of bike jump on and ride to NCC Kent n Sussex Frames n Flames - and this Zippy is where i thought Vans? where's my work boots.. snb pants and snb gloves..no way was i going out in the pissing rain to ride couple hours and get soaked again...and sunnies? no more snb goggles with clear lenses - and in couple weeks i'm picking up my burton gear with a big phat down jkt..thinking i might just take bike into winter after all...anyone know some good winter tires??? peace x

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Great story Kerr...good on yer man...your livin' the dream!